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Make better decisions by using
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Every company collects information, but most struggle with analyzing it—how to tie it together, present it, and make it accessible across their organization.

Our cloud-based BI Software as a Service makes BI and analytics a low-cost, secure, and accessible solution you can implement in a matter of days (not months) and it requires only a web browser to use.

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A simple to implement and simple to use BI solution

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Budget-friendly Software as a Service subscriptions

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 An industry-leading BI toolset (IBM Cognos) under the hood

BI analytics provides the hard evidence you need to make the best decisions. It identifies problems and pinpoints where to streamline operations. It profiles customers, identifies trends, and evaluates cross- and up-selling strategies. It collects and analyzes data gleaned from across the breadth and depth of your company so you can make stronger business decisions.

Isn’t it time you had a BI solution working for you?

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Answer business questions – solve business problems

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Consolidate data from across your entire organization

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Get the hard evidence you need to make better business decisions

 “Nearly eight out of ten CEOs anticipate significant complexity ahead, but fewer than half feel prepared to handle it.” -IBM Global 2010 CEO Study


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Unlike traditional software, a web-based “Software as a Service” requires no hardware upgrades, infrastructure costs, or IT staff. It’s affordable — you buy only what you need — and it’s a budgetary expense, not a capital investment. It’s simple to deploy and manage, needing only a web browser.

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Low cost of ownership means greater ROI

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It’s secure with data stored and backed up in the cloud

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You can focus on business problems, not BI administration problems

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