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Announcing FIT Tracking Solutions/SimpleBI Inc. Partnership

Ottawa Ontario Canada – FIT Tracking Solutions and SimpleBI Inc. are pleased to announce a new and exciting partnership with industry-leading business process management software maker FIT Tracking Solutions.

FIT is an industry-leading, web-based Business Process Management software solution for case management, document management, project management, risk management, asset management, service desk, customer relationship management (CRM), and issue and defect tracking. With FIT, organizations can stay on top of important issues, collaborate better, manage tasks more effectively, and improve customer satisfaction. FIT is used and trusted by Fortune 500 customers around the world spanning industries from banking to real estate to government agencies such as NASA and the U.S. Navy.

simpleBI’s cloud-based BI Software as a Service makes Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics a low-cost, secure, and accessible solution, and it requires only a web browser to use. BI analytics identifies problems and pinpoints where to streamline operations, profiles customers, identifies trends, and evaluates cross-selling and up-selling strategies. With simpleBI, clients can analyze data gleaned from across the breadth and depth of their organization to glean insights and support business decisions with hard evidence.

simpleBI Inc is also partnered with IBM. This partnership allows simpleBI to offer the industry-leading IBM Cognos toolset to existing FIT clients. FIT clients will gain access to robust, powerful, and proven data analytics tools to begin reporting on their existing FIT data almost instantly. With the BI infrastructure taken care of by simpleBI and guaranteed data security and accessibility with 99% uptime, FIT clients can focus on exploring their FIT data using an IBM Cognos BI solution and providing the highest quality of service their customers require.

FIT Issue Track will be the first FIT product to benefit from the FIT Tracking Solutions/SimpleBI Inc. partnership in early 2015 with more FIT products to follow suit not long afterwards. More information will be available at www.simplebi.loc and www.fittrackingsolutions.com.

December 2014