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Alerts and notifications let you ignore your business without worry


These days, everyone is busy. A thousand things press urgently upon us day after day and sometimes we lose track of things we really should be on top of. Luckily, when it comes to your business information, you don’t have to worry about not having time to gather all your information or missing critical happenings because you were busy working on something else.

Maybe you have a monthly sales meeting and you’d like to your sales report scheduled and delivered to your inbox, prior to that meeting. No problem. All reports and scorecards available through the simpleBI web portal, are also available to be scheduled and emailed directly to you.

And simpleBI monitors your business even when you might not be. While it’s nice to get an email letting you know a report has run and data has been changed, it’s even better when your BI solution is smart enough to know that if the sales forecast for a region starts trending low, it needs to run a deeper analysis and find out why. Event-driven notifications let you set up a cascading series of events. If X happens or if value Y reaches a certain point, calculations can be performed, reports can be generated, further analysis can be done, and the right people can be alerted so that they can make the right decisions at the right time to stop a negative trend in its tracks or take best advantage of a positive one.

Alerts and notifications such as these are amazingly powerful when coupled with the mobile capabilities of simpleBI. Even if you’re not at the office, you can still receive updates and notifications on your smartphone or tablet. And notifications are easy to set up – no IT experts required, so you can set up all the alerts and notifications you need to be able to ignore your business without worry.

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