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Announcing New M-IaaS Product Offering

Ottawa Ontario Canada –SimpleBI Inc. is pleased to announce a new and exciting product offering, M-IaaS (Managed Infrastructure as a Service), for clients who want to implement an IBM Cognos business intelligence (BI) system in the cloud, but don’t want the headache of managing the back end.

The demand for device-independent cloud computing solutions and hybrid cloud solutions to IT requirements is increasing worldwide and nowhere is the cloud a better fit than for BI systems. Historically, BI has been an expensive, resource-intensive, and difficult to manage process requiring a huge amount of sustained effort and expense to maintain well. Not only do clients need to install and develop the data models, reports, and dashboards for a usable BI solution, they need to invest in hardware infrastructure and manage all the security, backups, monitoring, patches, and disaster recovery processes… all while keeping future needs and scalability in mind. It’s expensive, both in terms of money and the human resources needed to keep it all running.

The new M-IaaS from SimpleBI Inc. is a cost-effective, scalable, and secure solution that lets our clients be in the BI reporting business, not the “managing the reporting infrastructure” business. With SimpleBI’s M-IaaS, we manage all the infrastructure services for our clients, offering a higher level of service at a lower price point. And because we know BI, we don’t just offer a service; we offer a personalized, BI-centric, managed business environment where we take care of your BI solution for you.

Because we recognize that different clients have different comfort levels with their BI solutions, we are offering several different packages of M-IaaS services. First, we can manage the infrastructure and IBM Cognos at the software layer only, providing backups, patches, audits, system metrics, and IBM Cognos monitoring while letting our clients focus on managing their own data models, reports, and dashboards. Second, we can be a complete BI competency centre for clients, helping them build their BI environment from the ground up and then managing the system once it is in place. Finally, we can provide a custom solution including a custom support package and expert-level help for IBM Cognos issues.

For more information, visit www.simplebi.loc or contact us at info@simplebi.com.

October 2015