Alcea Technologies Inc. is a market leader in issue management software. With customers all over the world, FIT Tracking Solutions®, lets clients create custom systems, manage issues, and track action items from end to end.


Alcea was looking for a differentiator in their market segment – something that would enhance their product offering, provide quantifiable value to his clients, help him stand out in the crowd. A solution to a business problem he had been thinking about for years: Analytics

Data was being captured, but they needed to analyze it, report on it, and get the results into the hands of the decision makers. In short, his clients needed a business intelligence solution and Robert (Alcea’s President) was determined to give it to them.


Robert came to us looking to enhance his already robust FIT Tracking Solutions with analytics and reporting capabilities. Our solution: To use our SaaS-based analytics solution to provide reports and dashboards embedded within the FIT Tracking Solutions application.

We built a custom integration platform for data analytics called “FITSB” right into FIT Tracking Solutions. The FIT data was stored securely in the cloud, so with FITSB and the “Advanced Analytics Module” (AAM), clients can start using the Health Check Dashboard option right out of the box to view dashboards, reports, and visualizations of their data from any Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smart phone. FIT clients can measure and view user statistics, work assignments, total workload by users or by projects, and vetting and triage process management. They can also track changes over time, explore year-over-year statistics, and more.

Clients who need more can leverage the Ad hoc option to create their own powerful reports, dashboards, and visualizations with the industry-leading IBM® Cognos® toolset powered by simpleBI.


The Advanced Analytics Module powered by simpleBI brings the power of an enterprise-level BI tool to FIT clients. More importantly, by partnering with simpleBI, he can offer his clients the best parts of an enterprise BI solution without the costs of a capital investment, hardware, or in-house resources, and he can scale up or scale down at any time. That’s the power of simpleBI’s embedded analytics as a service.