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The Truth about Cloud Price-Performance

IBM has published a thoroughly in-depth paper looking at the costs of doing business in the cloud as well as performance expectations and realities. The paper is titled: “The Truth about Cloud Price-Performance: How Misperceptions about Service Costs Can Derail Your Cloud Strategy”

Join the free WebEx: How IBM Cloud can transform your business

On August 19th, @Assimil8 and IBM VP @Simonlporter are hosting a free WebEx on cloud computing, IBM Softlayer, and how these two things can help you achieve business process improvement outcomes.

Your data should be available everywhere you are.

Most of us live a connected life. We are never far from a device that connects us to the wider world. We have easy and instant access to information, whether looking for driving directions or settling a friendly argument over who is going to triumph: Batman or Superman,

FAQ Friday: How does simpleBI keep my data safe in the cloud?

FAQ Fridays are where we address some of the more common questions we get asked over the course of the week. Have a question you want us to answer? Just comment below, reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook,

7 reasons BI in the cloud is a great idea

There’s a great article talking about the benefits of BI in the cloud over at BI Solutions Review. It highlights 7 reasons BI in the cloud is a great idea. You can read it here:

7 reasons why SaaS makes sense for BI

Here at simpleBI, we know that every business, big or small, could benefit from BI—if only they could access it easily and without having to pay crippling costs to set it up or build a whole new IT infrastructure to support it. 

Four reasons you should love AWS as much as we do

Here at simpleBI, we love the cloud. We love the speed of it, the convenience of it, the accessible-from-anywhere nature of it.

And these days, the cloud is everywhere. 

Don’t believe me? Try this on for size: My kids do their homework in the cloud.  

AWS is still top dog when it comes to cloud services

We like the cloud. In many ways, the cloud means freedom. Freedom to do business wherever you happen to find yourself, not just back at the office. We like being able to provide you that kind of flexibility. We also care very deeply about cloud security and are determined to protect our clients’ data and other information.