Embedded Analytics as a Service

FIT Advanced Analytics Module

FIT Tracking Solutions has teamed up with simpleBI in order to enhance their current suite of products, and improve their clients ability to do reporting. The FIT Tracking Solutions Advanced Analytic Module lets their clients leverage the power of their FIT data, something that has never before been possible.

The Advanced Analytics Module (AAM) uses the industry-leading IBM® Cognos® toolset, powered by simpleBI, to open up the FIT data repository for easy reporting and analysis. With AAM, you can measure and view users statistics, work assignments, total workload by users or by projects, and vetting and triage process management. You can also track changes over time, see which items are changing, explore year-over-year statistics, and so much more.

AAM combines all tracks in one place to help you see the big picture and report on all of the tracks available to you. You can also choose to focus on one particular track at a time, drilling down for more detailed information on a single track within your FIT data.
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