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How accountable are your best people?

Any group of people working towards a common goal needs to have a certain level of accountability if they have any hope of reaching their goal. But what happens when different people are measuring different things? Or when some people aren’t as visible as others? Or others have constantly urgent items that aren’t all that important in the grand scheme of things?

Even when a company’s goals are crystal clear, day-to-day issues can muddy the waters.

Little things look bigger than they are. Small problems get dealt with instantly, sometimes simply because they are small and easy to remedy, while big problems are debated ad nauseum without any effective actions being taken.

Before you know it, what started out as a clear common goal has become more of a general suggestion and every department is following their own agenda, often working at cross-purposes to each other.

That’s when good data systems can help.


When you add business intelligence to your daily operations, everything becomes clearer for everyone. Each department can measure how their performance is stacking up against company goals–and see how those goals are progressing. Managers can see at a glance how their department fits in to the bigger picture, and can drill down to get more details on specific strategies or individual performers within their group. 

When you use data to drive your business, you can more easily ensure that everything is moving in the right direction. Hard data and evidence-based decision making makes everyone more accountable.

Including you.