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Press Release

SimpleBI Inc. offers a subscription-based SaaS Business Intelligence solution for small- and medium-sized businesses using IBM® Cognos® on the backend.

Ottawa Ontario Canada – Local business SimpleBI Inc. is please to offer a new and exciting Business Intelligence solution designed for the small and medium-sized business market beginning December 1, 2013.

SimpleBI Inc. is located in Ottawa, Canada. It was established by a group of professionals with over 40 years of experience in implementing enterprise level BI solutions who are frustrated with how the current Business Intelligence industry has become virtually inaccessible to small- and medium-sized organizations — organizations that stand to see a huge benefit from a well-implemented and simple-to-use BI system.

simpleBI was created by taking the “best parts” of an enterprise BI solution and making them available to the SME market. The simpleBI Control Panel Application was built to address the fundamental needs of a SME client by allowing them to get up and running in a matter of hours, not weeks or months. By partnering with IBM, we’re able to offer the industry-leading Cognos toolset which allows users to begin reporting almost instantly.

By offering monthly Software as a Service subscriptions, SimpleBI Inc. has structured the simpleBI product offering in such a way as to be competitively priced and small business budget-friendly, putting BI tools in the hands of those who need it most: the small- and medium-sized business market.

SimpleBI Inc. is working closely with IBM Business Partners as well, making the simpleBI platform available to partners with a BYOC (bring your own customers) philosophy that lets IBM Business Partners use the simpleBI platform as their own. We take care of the infrastructure while the partners focus on providing high quality service, all at the most affordable price possible.

“Our mission is simple:
To make business intelligence simple to implement and simple to use.”