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Leaving legacy technology behind

Legacy technology—we’ve all got it. Old computers, old software, old cell phones… heck, we’ve even got an old TV or two in the basement or at the cottage. The problem with legacy technology is that while it still works,

7 Reasons why SaaS is a great choice for businesses of all sizes

At simpleBI, we know that every business could benefit from BI—if only they could access it easily and without having to pay crippling costs to set it up and a whole new IT infrastructure to support it—so we set about creating a BI system that lets you do just that.

Why BI should be a C-suite conversation… and why it shouldn’t

Data is transforming the way we do business. More and more companies are using data to help shape the conversations they’re having with their customers. And the more data they collect, the more likely they are to recognize the need for a CDO.

Why the best employees need to be data literate

In any organization, there are 3 types of decision makers – empiricists who rely 100% on what the data is telling them, intuitives who run wholly on instinct), and skeptics who strive for a healthy balance of analysis and judgement.

Why small data still matters – the myth of the usefulness of Big Data

Everywhere you look, people are talking about Big Data and how it’s going to change everything. They aren’t wrong. But they aren’t entirely right, either.

The problem with most people’s conception of Big Data is that data means a lot of different things to different people.

Gartner BI and Analytics Summit

The Gartner BI and Analytics Summit is coming up soon – it’s barely a month away! This year it takes place on March 9th and 10th in London, UK.

The summit is going to be chock-full of amazing speakers,

The secrets in Zulily’s data

Your data holds more secrets than you know. Here’s a great article about how online e-tailer Zulily is taking advantage of it!

How accountable are your best people?

Any group of people working towards a common goal needs to have a certain level of accountability if they have any hope of reaching their goal. But what happens when different people are measuring different things? Or when some people aren’t as visible as others?

7 reasons BI in the cloud is a great idea

There’s a great article talking about the benefits of BI in the cloud over at BI Solutions Review. It highlights 7 reasons BI in the cloud is a great idea. You can read it here:

3 ways BI improves your business skills

Being an entrepreneur is no easy thing in today’s economy, yet at the same time, it is probably easier to start and grow a business now than at any other time in history. Between the internet, social media, new technologies like 3D printers,