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Why the best employees need to be data literate

In any organization, there are 3 types of decision makers – empiricists who rely 100% on what the data is telling them, intuitives who run wholly on instinct), and skeptics who strive for a healthy balance of analysis and judgement.

Do you need a data scientist or a data analyst?

You’ve probably heard it before: Data science is THE sexiest job of the 21st century. But what does that mean? And what about data analysts? But wait, are they even really two separate things?

Yes, they are, and they can fill very different roles within an organization.

Have you built walls around your data?

Every business generates data every day. Sales data, customer data, inventory data… thousands of bytes of information pouring in month after month. It might not be the Big Data that’s all the rage right now, but when you get right down to it,

How accountable are your best people?

Any group of people working towards a common goal needs to have a certain level of accountability if they have any hope of reaching their goal. But what happens when different people are measuring different things? Or when some people aren’t as visible as others?

Data on the move

Your life doesn’t take place in a single room. You move around. Maybe you’re opening new offices in Halifax or working closely with the Calgary client for a week or two. Maybe your kid was up all night with a fever and you’re working from home.

7 reasons why SaaS makes sense for BI

Here at simpleBI, we know that every business, big or small, could benefit from BI—if only they could access it easily and without having to pay crippling costs to set it up or build a whole new IT infrastructure to support it.