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FAQ Friday: What does Zero Footprint mean?

FAQ Fridays are where we address some of the more common questions we get asked over the course of the week. Have a question you want us to answer? Just comment below, reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook,

Leaving legacy technology behind

Legacy technology—we’ve all got it. Old computers, old software, old cell phones… heck, we’ve even got an old TV or two in the basement or at the cottage. The problem with legacy technology is that while it still works,

7 Reasons why SaaS is a great choice for businesses of all sizes

At simpleBI, we know that every business could benefit from BI—if only they could access it easily and without having to pay crippling costs to set it up and a whole new IT infrastructure to support it—so we set about creating a BI system that lets you do just that.

The car test

Working with business information systems is sort of like owning a car.

We’ve all had a car we’ve loved past all good sense. It might not have had any air conditioning, there might have been a few little “personality quirks” that you had to work around,