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We help decrease cost, accelerate decision making and improve productivity, without massive overhead or investment

simpleBI consolidates all of your data, improves data integrity and provides beautiful, self-service reporting



  • Unable to retrieve data from ERP

  • 50% of users time spent on manual data preparation

  • Heavy dependency on Excel and redundant work

  • Unable to provide daily, monthly reports to sales team.

  • No self-service reporting


  • Reduction in manual data preparation and report creation in excel: 80%  

  • Improved data quality: 99%  

  • Reduction in manual report distribution: 95%  

  • Consolidated systems into one data mart for reporting  

  • Improved self-service reporting: 90% 

"simpleBI provided the means to report against all of our information across the organization. Our nearly impossible manual monthly reporting process, was turned into an automated email distribution, with little to no human interaction. It's simple and it works."

Jeremy Oldland - Owner / VP Operations / Hatley Little Blue House

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  • Multiple databases with no integration

  • 60% of users time spent on manual data preparation

  • Heavy dependency on Excel and redundant work

  • Unable to provide automated daily, monthly reports.

  • No self-service reporting


  • Consolidated database into one data mart for reporting

  • Improved data quality: 90+%

  • Reduction in manual data preparation and report creation in excel: 80%  

  • Reduction in manual report distribution: 90%  

  • Improved self-service reporting: 85%

'As our company grew, we had multiple databases that weren't integrated. We spent countless hours in excel combining data and manually creating and updating reports. SimpleBI solved our data integration problem, and all but eliminated our dependency on excel. Now we trust our numbers, and the reports are automatically updated and emailed to us by the system.'

Len Anderson - Owner  / Renaissance Repair and Supply



  • Unable to query transactional system

  • 90% of time spent on manual data preparation

  • Heavy dependency on Excel and redundant work

  • Unable to provide daily, monthly reports

  • No self-service reporting


  • Consolidated datamart for reporting

  • Advance self-service reporting solution.

  • 99% data accuracy

  • 90% reduction in manual data prep / reporting

Ottawa and Halifax

"They delivered, and now I integrate simpleBI into all my decision making. A central location for reporting on all of my data. It is the tool I needed, at a fraction of the price that I ever thought it could be."

Peter Hauderowicz

franchise owner PODS, Ottawa & Halifax

Consolidate all your data

Up to 100%

Reduce manual data preparation

Up to 90%

Reduce incorrect or out of date data

Up to 99%

Supercharge Your Decision Making

When companies have multiple systems that don't communicate with each other, it creates a huge dependency on tools like excel in order to extract and consolidate information manually. Decisions are then made on numbers that may be inaccurate or out of date. 

SimpleBI will consolidate all of your information, and providing easy to use reporting tools that automate manual processes and drive business insights.

Supercharge Your ETL

When companies have multiple systems that don't communicate with each other, or when the input data doesn't have strict business rules, it becomes extremely difficult to get fast, accurate information. 

SimpleBI uses SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), and your business rules, to create a a business friendly consolidated data mart, ensuring 99% data accuracy. Stop worrying about out of date, or inaccurate data.

Supercharge Your Reporting

Eliminate your dependency on Excel, and the need to code new reports from your ERP, when the ones provided don't meet your needs.

SimpleBI uses the industry leading IBM Cognos Analytics 11, to provide AI driven data exploration, a custom ad hoc data model,  with beautiful and easy to use visualizations. 



$1500 - $3000 /month

  • 1-3 consolidated databases

  • 25-50 database tables

  • ETL with business rules

  • Custom semantic data model

  • 5 custom reports

  • 5-25 IBM Cognos licenses

  • 98% availability

  • Email report automation

  • Free 14 day trial

  • Custom packages available

Schedule a 15 minute call with one of our experts, and see if SimpleBI can help supercharge your decision making.
Discovery call with SimpleBI
15 min
15 Minute Call

Meet The Team

Jeremy Jackson

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Founder / CEO - 19 years of Business Intelligence experience and building things from the ground up

Nim Cook

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Founder / CTO - 20 +  years of Business Intelligence experience and of being a data wizard

Marc Lefebvre

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Founder / Director of Technical Operations - 20+ years of keeping things running like a top

Todd Mitchell

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Founder / Director of Applications  - 20 + years of building things better

Dr. Pawan Lingras

Professor and Director of M.Sc. in Computing and Data Analytics
Department of Mathematics and Computing Science Saint Mary's University

Chris Malloy

Lead developer / Data Scientist / Research Associate at Saint Mary's University

Questions and Concerns

Why buy from you? What makes you so special? 

We understand the issue of integrating information, and the benefits and cost savings a solution like our can produce. We have delivered countless times successfully, and we want you to be our next success story.

What happens if I wait?

Obviously if you've determine you have any of the issues we've identified, they will continue. Also as part of this campaign, we're offering a 15% discount for those companies who sign up with 15 of more users.

Are you guys going to steal my credit card and run away?

No, SimpleBI Inc, has been in business since 2012 and services happy customers today. All transaction are processed through Stripe, and they do not store your credit card information.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the number of databases you have, your ETL requirements and the number of licenses you need, our plans range from $1100 - $3000 /month.

Are there any long term contracts? 

As there are upfront development costs, we ask for a minimum of one year. Further discounts and deferred development costs can be applied to commitimments of 2 years or more.

Who are you guys, anyway?

We're a team data experts, with the low man on team having over 19 years experience in the data / analytics industry. We know how to solve business problems using data.

What results will I actually get from this? 

You will have consolidated data in a data mart in the cloud. An ETL process that corrects data inconsistency, and an ad hoc data model for reporting in IBM Cognos Analytics. 

What exactly am I signing up for? What are the features and benefits?

When you sign up, we'll take you through a full requirements gathering session to understand your business and processes. We'll segment your business into functional areas, and assign phases of development for each. We then focus on each functional area, and develop and release incrementally allowing you to test, and adopt as new functional areas become available. You then get the full suite of IBM Cognos analytics to start building reports, or have us build them and you run them. Our tools run on any browser, mobile device, and come with full email automation and scheduling.

What’s included in the training call?

Just for a taking a call with us, you get a free 14 day free trial with unlimited access to the system using sample data.

What does it integrate with? 

We currently use SSIS and a secured gateway VPN for integration to just about any system. For systems that don't allow direct connections, we export to flat files and pull data through our ETL process.

SimpleBI Inc.

248 Percy St Ottawa Ontario